OYO Celebrates art and creativity. Find eclectic and one-of-a-kind items at the artisan market and take in on-site exhibits and installations.

The OYO creativity center provides unique hands-on experiences for children and adults. Dive into live art demonstrations, cool performances and make some noise of your own.
— OYO Arts & Music Festival

For more information regarding artist opportunities email director@ashlandinmotion.org


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Rick Wolhoy

Rick Wolhoy is a contemporary artist, born and raised in Ashland, KY. His artistic influence started at a young age as the son of a local construction company owner, whose strategic planning and zealous work ethic produced nearly a hundred homes and structures within the Ashland area and surrounding cities. As a kid Rick loved to be on site with his Father and experience the building process, watching projects erect from start to finish. Rick received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marshall University (2011), and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (2015). Wolhoy currently resides in Cincinnati and occupies the Assistant Director Academic position at the University of Cincinnati. His design and fabrication skills allow him to create both functional and non-functional structures, with an elevated sense of resourcefulness and a knack of how materials can be used to create.


We are more than great music, tasty grub, and craft beers! Local craftsman Travis Williams is just one of the regional artists who will be on display at this year's OYO!